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Watch: Beautiful scenes as Cape Town’s Berg River dam overflows

by InnsCape

There were some glorious scenes in the Western Cape on Tuesday, as the heavy downpours of rain flowed into the province’s rivers and waterways. As ever, the wet weather is great news for Cape Town and it’s water-storing facilities – but the big winner of the day looks to be Berg River Dam.

The Franschhoek-based reserve was forecast to receive upwards of 70mm in a 24-hour period this week. Earlier this morning, the first cold front scheduled to hit the Cape Winelands landed with a vengeance.

We’ve seen gushing torrents of water flow through Berg River itself, on its way to the third-largest of Cape Town’s dams. The deluges have also been felt at Theewaterskloof and Voelvlei, who are set for a bumper amount before the end of the day as well.

Watch: Berg River stream overflows after heavy rain

There were several reports of the Berg River bursting it banks, as torrents surged towards the once-beleaguered facilities. As of Monday afternoon, the combined levels for Cape Town’s dams stood at more than 63% – just 13% off the high of 76% reached by the reserves at the end of winter in 2018.

Scenes we love to see…

There’s nothing more comforting to a water-conscious Capetonian than these sights, too. It was barely 18 months ago that the threat of day zero imposed Level 5B water restrictions on locals, who were told to use just 50 litres of water per person, per day. If you’d allow us a pun… it seems like the tides have changed since then:

Berg River dam “fills up” on Tuesday 23 July

The Berg River dam was over 95% full before the rain came on Tuesday. This hectic downpour has taken the facility over the tipping point, and up to the 100% full mark. Water has since been released from the reservoir, back into the river system which will then trickle down to other locations where the surplus water can be used.

Water is spilling out of Berg River dam on Tuesday 23 July, as the overflow continues through the afternoon – Photo: Wayne Fouche / Facebook

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